Tomorrow is the shift from hell. I’ll see you all later.


These two girls they make quite a pair
they will come from your worst nightmare
they will haunt your soul forever,
and now when you see pink, you’re going to think
we’re doomed

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I don’t know why but I find it funny when the bad guys call you chicken in Arkham City..

I also love it when you throw a remote controlled batarang at a guy’s head and he goes flying O.O..

Even better when used in Predator Mode to knock guys off of ledges (it’s a technique you learn from Lost City (Extreme))

Arkham City was fun. I still need to finish Harley Quinn’s Revenge. I did not have fun with it the first time around.

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Does anyone remember the Halloween Simpsons toys that came in the Burger King Meals?


Got this babe for my bday.
Rain Mikamura in her suit.

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